Millian  Pham Lien Giang

Sib Sites

Working with similar subjects, ideas, approaches, and or materials, the following artist websites are considered my sib sites. Each sib site has a short description that explains the similarity they bear with my work and how each sib site carries their own distinction. This working list of sib sites grows according to my association and personal friendship with the artists. Most of these artists are also collaborators in my past works.

BINOD SHRESTHA: works with themes of displacement, memory, and notions of the self in relation to body-politic. Shrestha combines materials associated with ritual such as incense, earth, salt, cedar, terracotta pots, and pigment with personal and cultural narratives that resuscitate memories of his native Nepal.

OLIVER KLICKER: complicates notions of societal binaries such as male/female, productivity/futility, in/visibility, and body/disembodiment by exploring the liminal spaces of gender identity. Klicker navigates the dynamic nature of his identity as a process that frequently encompasses change, growth, and loss.

KENYA (Robinson): explores issues of race and class by working with materials that relate to our perception of gender, privilege, and consumerism. Kenya not only works with the visual arts but also writes cultural critiques on HuffPo and co-hosts #trashDAY (a Clocktower radio that elevates a vernacular of urban fiction, reality television, gossip publications, social dance, and fashion).